Raw fleece is sold by grade.  Orders may be placed as follows:

           Grade 1 - Whole Blanket, natural color.                       Priced by the pound.

           Grade 1 - 1/2 Blanket, natural color.                             Priced by the pound. 

           Grade 2 - may be purchased in one or more colors, generally less than one pound per color.

           buyers may purchase less than one pound quantities. 

                                                                                                       Priced by the pound.

If the buyer desires the latest Lab test from Yocom- McColl that we have available, a copy will be provided to the buyer with the blanket order.  We will also send you a picture of the Alpaca.    

Call for pricing, pricing may change each year according to the market and quality available.  Whole blanket weights average about 3 pounds.

Grade 2 may be purchased in one color or several colors.  Grade 2 will be sold in color lots, light color, (generally white and/or light fawn, may or may not be mixed) or Medium, (fawn may or may not be mixed), or dark (generally black), some brown, may or may not be mixed color.  Each color or color combination  will be packaged separately.  Contact us for availability.

Our herd colors include white, black, brown and fawn (light, medium and dark).  Micron tests range from  14.8 - 27.1, most are17 - 22.

Orders are limited by availability and are on a first come basis.

All special orders should be placed by March 1, of each year for assurance of availability.  Some fleeces are usually available until November of each year, call for availability.

A nonrefundable 25% deposit is required for special orders. 

Sheering is generally mid-April each year, special fleece orders must be paid and picked up within 10 days after sheering.  Shipping may be requested at an additional charge.

Telephone orders are accepted and may be paid with credit cards through PayPal.  Shipping charge additional.

2017 Average pricing: 

Grade 1: Baby alpaca, exceptionally fine, 21 micron and under.  $25-30 per lb.,

21-23 micron range: $25-30 per lb.,

24-28 micron range:  $15-20 per lb.,

A lessor quality may be as low as $15 per lb.

Fleeces are generally sold not washed, and not skirted, we perfer that the buyer skirt the fleece to the degree they find desirable.  Buyers that want blankets skirted add $5.00 per lb.  Orders late in the year may only be available after they have been skirted.

Limited amounts of roving also available.


Pencil roving ready to use: Currently $6 per ounce. 

Call for color available, most are blended, generally they are blended with merino, bamboo or silk.  Silk or merino is generally 10%, and 90% Alpaca, Bamboo may be as much as 40% and 60% Alpaca.  Most roving is a two color combination.  Quantities are Limited.

We will do our best to evaluate each blanket according to quality, handle, tensile, vegetative matter, and length and price accordingly. 

               Fleece may be Special Ordered

Hand made fingerless gloves, two or three designs are available, such as the above,  or a lace look. One size fit most, some sizes are medium to large, some small to medium.

We also carry a few items made in Peru, such as above, however most items are made at the farm or in Oklahoma by an experienced fiber artists.

If you are looking for that fashion item that is unique or one of a kind, we may have what you are looking for. Our hand knitted or woven items are generally exclusive from our farm fiber. 

Check out our finished products at the farm store. 

Samples we carry.  Many more items on site.

                             Sheering blanket

Yarns weights include:  Bulky, worsted, sport and fingerling.  150 to 300 yds. per skein.

Sample of our hand woven rugs.